Meditation & Wellness Tools For A Happy & Healthy Life

The Serena Spaces app is a completely free app for people interested in accessing alternative health. There are three components:

  1. Content (App-only): There are hundreds of pre-recorded audio guided meditations, soundscapes and 'dharma talks' by meditation instructor Zebediah Rice. All the content is free.
  2. Search (App and Web): For people interested in finding alternative health & wellness places and practitioners globally, Serena Spaces provides a robust search and filtering engine. Like other popular travel and retail establishment rating and reviewing apps, Serena Spaces allows users to review, rate and upload photos for places that they have visited so that the larger community can benefit from their experiences.
  3. Social (App-only): The Serena Spaces app provides a way for users to log their activity and follow others'. If you prefer seeing what the super users and taste setters are doing to a straight search, you can follow them and learn from their alternative and health choices.

About Serena Space’s Founder, Zebediah Rice

Zebediah is a Sydney, Australia-based venture capital investor and meditation teacher. The content of his teachings is drawn not only from his years of personal practice and the study of the original works from ancient masters like Lao Tzu, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus, but also from years of work with contemporary masters.